September 10 & 11, 2022

Gate Hours/Prices
Fri: 6
pm - 11pm
Sat: 7am - 11pm
Sun: 7am

Gate Prices  All Riders/Spectators 12 & up 
Fri-Sun: $30 per Person
Sat-Sun: $25 per Person
Sun: $15 per Person
Rider wristbands will be checked at sign up and staging.
Kids under 12 yrs old NOT racing are free.

Timing and scoring will be provided by Laptimes USA using the industry standard MyLaps Transponders.

  • All riders will be required to have a transponder before signing up to race.
  • Smurf City riders are not required to have a transponder.
  • Laptimes USA will provide transponders for rent.
  • Rental fee is included in your sign up fee.  You can use your own transponder if you have one.
  • Pick up your transponder before you sign up.
  • Bring a credit card  for $100 security deposit plus rental fee; security deposit will only be charged if you don't return the transponder.


Sign Up Hours
Fri: 8pm
Sat: 7am - 10am
We will open 1 hour after last moto for Sunday.
Sun: 7am - 10am

Practice Times
Sat/Sun: 9am
Racing will start between 10:30-11am

Sat/Sun: $40 per class
Cash or credit cards accepted at sign up (plus a 3% convenience fee for cards).
Pre Entry will open for both days on September 6, at 7am.
Saturday.         Sunday

District 14 Vintage & Warrior series will be racing on Saturday.  For more information on the Vintage Series.

AMA Memberships required by all racers. Join AMA Online. $49 for a full membership,
$29 for youth (age 11 and under).

District Memberships required for Michigan racers, and anyone else who wants to D14 points.
$15 for a year from the month you sign up.