A letter from the founder of Dutch Sport Park - John Kolehenhof
1st come to USA. August 1976 with a group of 55 motocross riders and fans,
25 riders 30 fans came to Pioneer Park in Gobles (5 miles from DSP). We raced
at Pioneer Park and other motocross parks for 3 weeks. Then in 1977 sometime
some of the same group came back and raced again some place near Pioneer
Park. Then in 1978 I came back by self. The group did not come. I spent 3 months
in the summer. I purchased a bike for motocross, a trailer an a car and got my
Michigan drivers license. And I raced all the motocross tracks in Ohio and
Michigan. Then at the end of the summer I returned to my native land the Nederland's.
Then at xmas I visit Michigan again, then in 79 I purchased the land in the spring.
I started building the race track and campgrounds. Then I got involved in AMA
with the help of top rider Rick Montague from Paw Paw and Jane Akins and
Gene Ritchie's staff. Then a group of motocross rider came over from the
Nederland's to race the 1st race on my new motocross track, the Dutch Sport Park.
I returned to my native land the Nederland's in 1980. January I decided to move to
Michigan. I sold my business in the Nederland's and came to USA. I could not
speak or understand or write the language in the USA. Then from 1980 from year to
year I had AMA races. as the years went on my legs got worse and worse and
could not keep up all the work of maintaining the race track and I had no help to
do it. The years I did keep it going was thru the love of motocross and still do love
motocross and will till the day I die. March 31, 94 I sold the track to Gene Ricthie
and Drex Akin, now know as RedBuds Dutch Sport Park. When they purchased the
track I was so happy in my heart to know all the years of hard work I put into the
Dutch Sports Park would not turn into someone's home or whatever else. That it
would still be the motocross track I worked so hard to make. It meant more than
I can express when Drex and Gene kept the name Dutch Sport Park. I put my
heart and soul into the track. No just knowing Drex and Gene have made it a greater
track and that there will always be motocross there takes a piece of my Heart.

John Kolehenhof


In 1996, we bought out RedBud to become sole owners of Dutch Sport Park. We have a very strong racing background.

Our Mission Statement:
You are our customers. We want you all to remember when you leave here that you had a good time.
It doesn't matter how big or how little, how fast or how slow, we care about you. If you did not enjoy yourself,
we failed you. We will not survive if you go home unhappy. Let us know where we might do better. We know
we cannot be perfect. Our goal is to always try our best to provide the best and safest racing facility for you.
Please help us to do our best for you.

Drex & Jane - Lisa & Bobby - Brett & Austin