District 14 Classes offered on July 29, 2018
For District 14 Vintage rules


​-1976 and older Motorcycle (8.5" front or rear travel limit)
​-Must use factory frame
​-This is a trial year for the 1976 and older rule 
​-If there is a protest, the vin/frame number will be reserched for the year. If the vin has been "removed", then that results in an automatic DQ
​-1983 and older air cooled and drum brake
-Any year air cooled and drum brake four stroke 
​​-1991 and older motorcycle
​-Any year air cooled four stroke motorcycle
-1999 and older motorcycle
​- Here is a lsit of the newest years of bikes allowed 
​     -1999 CR's (01 500 in stock frame)
     -2001 YZ's
     -2000 RM's
     -2002 KX's (04 500)
     -1999 KTM's
​     -1999 Husky
​     -2002 TM's
​-1999 and older motorcycle
​-12-15 years of age 
-125cc two stroke and under
​-250cc four stroke and under
​-80cc bikes are legal but must be big wheel version