Race Day Memberships:

All races are AMA sanctioned and follow the AMA Sports rulebook, available online at www.amadirectlink.com/rulebooks.  All racers must be AMA or ATVA members. Membership can be purchased at the track or online at www.ama-cycle.org. Membership fees vary from $29 – $49/year; a weekend membership is available for $20 and can be applied to a full membership within 120 days.

District 14 memberships required by all Michigan residents. Anyone can join from other states if they want to get points with District 14 and earn yearend awards.

To join our organization or renew your membership please complete the following steps:


  • Download and print the application here for individual membership.  Charter forms for clubs see below.
  • Complete and sign the application.
  • Mail a copy of the application along with your check/money order (made out to District 14 Membership) to:District 14 Membership Administrator
    Molly Kidner13785 Spring Creek Rd. SW.,
    Fife Lake, MI.



Gate Info:
For a regular 2-day race weekend:
You will be charged for the entire weekend on the day you arrive. Refunds will be given at the gate for the days you will not be attending provided you leave 2 hours after the last moto. You must have your gate wristband on in order to recieve a refund.

Please note we have a lot of Saturday night activities for our you that is included in your gate fee for the weekend. You are more than welcome to stay for them if not racing Sunday. We can not always guarantee a Sunday gate refund if you stay for the activities and then want a refund for Sunday.

Race Day Rules:

In general, the following safety equipment is required: DOT approved helmet, goggles, long sleeved full shirt (not cut off), long pants, tall boots. Gloves are recommended but not required. We strongly recommend race gear (as opposed to jeans and a sweatshirt). Kids are always growing and many race parents have used gear for sale, so ask around in the pits. In addition, we recommend that riders take advantage of other available safety equipment such as gloves, chest protector, knee brace and neck brace. Tether kill switch and nerf bars are required for ALL quads, including minis.

Pit bikes (golf carts, scooters, etc.) are a privilege and not a right. The privilege will be taken away from anyone who abuses it. Pit bikes may be ridden to and from the track by adults only – you must be 16 or older to ride a pit bike. Pit bikes cannot go inside the infield; they can be parked outside the tunnels.  No riding in front fields 5 MPH limit at all times.Pit bike riding stops Saturday either at dusk.

After racing on the 50 track concludes, we will have open practice on the track, weather and conditions permitting. If you have a child who is learning to ride but not ready to race yet, bring them to registration and fill out release forms and you can let him or her practice after the races are over!

The Race Referee is Drex Akin. The KTM Kids Track Referee is Travis Sabyan.  Both referees are usually located at the starting line at their respective tracks.  Please feel free to ask them questions!  If you need help choosing the right class, understanding the rules, figuring out what bike belongs in what class, anything!  That’s what they’re here for.  Make sure you have a clear understanding of the rules and equipment requirements before you enter the track.

New to racing:

  • Please let us know so we can give you any extra information.
  • Once we have established a race order, we will post the class listings and give out small race orders.
  • Smurf City - located to the North/West of the property. Straight out the tunnel to the woods line, turn left to the woods line.
  • Smurf City usually starts practice at 9am depending on track conditions.
  • Smurf City racing starts the same time the big tracks does. It will be posted on the race order on the signup window. We always need to work around riders/dads racing on the big track. We always try to get both motos raced in a round robin style if possible.
  • After racing is completed on Smurf City, you can ride again until the last moto on the big track.
  • Smurf City Awards will be posted once the last moto is raced back there. Please give us at least a 1/2 hour after they are posted to ask for awards.
  • Smurf City racers all get a award. Once the sheet on the window is a different color and there is time posted with a time when you can get your award.
  • Big Track runs though the race order 2 times.
  • After each moto we will post the results on a different color paper. The 2nd moto results will have a time posted and number of awards given.
  • If you have a concern with anything we want to know. If you have a question about scoring please ask, we always want things correct or help you understand the scoring.
  • 50 Jr & 50 Sr on the big track all get awards.