We believe the future of racing starts here. We want our lil' future superstars (now, to us) to have fun.
The rider who races Smurf City with the most amount of points becomes our sheriff for the next year.  We have had three sheriff's for Smurf City.  Our first sheriff was Brett Wagner, who was a sheriff for two years. Then our rough 'n tough lookin Zac Hays became sheriff in 1998 and 1999.  Other past sheriff's were Jacob McCramer - 2000, Logan Nevins - 2001, Rodney Middaugh - 2002, Kyler Gimenez - 2003, Mitch Ostafin - 2004, Dillon Finley - 2005,  Jacob Girolami - 2006, Hunter Burnham - 2007, Tyler Michael - 2008 . Our new Smurf City Sheriff for 2010 is ??. Smurf City sheriff is determined by your race finishes accumulated from the start of the season to the end of the season.

The main duties of the sheriff and deputies are to hand out treats at the end of the race day.  When you hear the bell ringing at the "jailhouse" it's time for all the Smurf City racers to get a snack.

All Smurf City racers receive a trophy. They can ride the rest of the day, as long as they have a parent or someone to watch them.  Parents, please watch out for the safety of our future stars.

There are nine different classes on Smurf City.

Auto 4-8 SS: 
(Yamaha, Suzuki, Honda, KTM Mini Adventure, and Cobra PW3)

50cc 4-8 Trail: (PW50, XR50, CRF50, KLX50 & JR50 only)
If you enter this class, the only 2nd class a rider can enter in the same day is a 50 SS class.

50 Jr (4-6) and 50cc Sr (7-8) Non District: For racers that do not want to race on the big track. 

Wobbler: This class is for beginners that are unsure of themselves and are learning skills like balance and control of their motorcycle.  This class is for any 50cc bike.  Entries in this class are determined by our Smurf City Referee. 

Wobbler Advanced: This class is for riders that have graduated from the wobbler class but aren't ready for the more competitive 50cc classes. The Smurf City referee will determine who gets moved up into this class.

65 Beginner:  This class is for 65cc riders who are not ready to be on the big track. This is usually 50cc riders who are advancing to the 65cc bike or new riders. It's a chance for them to learn on the bigger bike before advancing to the big track. Remember the key word is learn. You can't keep them in this class all season.

Trail Blazer Jr: (70cc- 110cc).  This class is for riders 9-13 years of age with trail bikes ( XR, TTR, KLX, JR, and PW, etc.)

Trail Blazer Sr: (110cc - 125cc).  This class is for riders 9-13 years of age with trail bikes ( XR, TTR, KLX, JR, and PW, etc.)

Don't forget to stop by Smurf City after you get your awards and pick a treat from our new 2010 Sheriff.


Our sherrifs, dreaming of the future.