October 13th - Open Ride/ October 14th - Muskrat Run

Gate Hours:
Friday: 4pm - 11pm
Saturday: 10am - 11pm
Sunday: 6:30am

Gate Fees:

Friday/Saturday/Sunday -$20 for adults and riders
(Kids under 11yrs old and not racing, are free.)

Saturday/Sunday -$15 for adults and riders
(Kids under 11yrs old and not racing, are free.)
If you leave 1 hour after the open ride on Saturday, you will get a refund of $10 for Sunday. Please note if you are enjoying any of our actives  on Saturday night, you will not get the Sunday gate refund.

Sunday Muskrat Run:
(MX track with extended loops in the woods)
$10 for adults and riders
(Kids under 11yrs old and not racing, are free.)

Sign Up Hours:
10am - 5pm: Open Ride, Corn Maze race or Sunday

Sign Up Fees:
$25  Open Ride fee - Saturday - no membership fees
$10 Maze Race in front field - Saturday - no membership fees
$30 per class - Sunday
AMA card required and available at signup $49 full year/$29 youth (up to 11yrs old) $20 One event pass.
GLMX required for Michigan and Indiana riders. $5 for weekend.

Saturday Open Ride - Noon - 5pm

  • $25 per person
  • Big track and smurf city track open
    Tentative practice order
  • Group 1 - A/B
  • Group 2 - C & Vets
  • Group 3 - Mini's
  • Group 4 - Quads
  • Group 5 - 50cc

    Maze race out in our front field - 3pm

  • No memberships required
  • We will break it down into combined size and ability
  • Team race
  • $10 to enter

Saturday Night Activities:

Trick or Treat @5pm
Chili Cook - Off:

  • Anyone can enter, no fee. The judges love the variety of chili. 
  • Get a number for your pot of chili at the sign up building.
  • You may take your pot of chili over to the pavilion after 4pm. Judging will be around 5pm.
  • After the judging, chili for everyone.
  • Feel free to big a dish to pass.
  • Dutch will supply, extra chili, crackers, cheese, corn bread, bowls, spoons, and napkins. You supply the bench racing.

Pumkin Chunkin

Pumkin chunkin will happen during the chili judging.
Come to sign up to give us your name and age, no fees.
4 age groups, hand made trophies to the top 3 in each group.
We will split up age groups once everyone has signed in.