Michigan Mafia Mini Mo-Down
July 15/16

  • New big trophy pay out for 2017, we will be using the standard trophy payout of 1 award for every 3 riders, maxiunm 3 places for big trophies. Must have 3 riders per class, each day for the class to be eligible.
  • 2 full separate race days with regular race day awards each day. To be eligible for Mini Mo-Down super size trophies and prize bags you must race both days, in the same class. If you race both days you will be given the choice on Sunday of either the race day award (trophy, plaque or dealer check)  or the Mini Mo-Down overall award. You can not get both on Sunday. 

  • Saturday: All GLMX bike classes with Mini Extreme (65cc & 85cc.) Must have a minimum of 10 riders to run.

  • Your moto finishes will be combined from both days for overall Mini Mo-Down trophies and prize bags. You must race both days to be eligible for these awards. Regular race day awards are given out each day.

  • Jump house all weekend. Saturday night activies include Wine bingo for adults and candy bar bingo for kids.
  • Parent/kid pit bike race after the races Saturday on part of the smurf city track. Riders go a total of 6 laps. We will split up in age and size of bike if needed. No fees, its supposed to be for fun.

    Saturday: 2 Moto's - This will be a regular race day format.
                    Mini Extreme Moto: 65cc and 85cc -$30 sign up. intermission
                    (must have a minimum of 10 riders to run)

    Sunday:  2 Moto's - This will be a regular race day format.
    Jacob Begonia Memorial class C shoot out (one moto) tons of prizes. $30 sign up.
    Special awards to the top 10 in C class shoot out provided by MotoPhoto.

    A & B
    Extreme  -100% pay back intermission $30 sign up.
                    (must have a minimum of 10 riders to run)

    Suzuki Contingency on Sunday.

    Gate Hours

    Friday: 6pm - midnight.
    Saturday: 6:30am - midnight
    Sunday: 6:30am

    Gate Fees 
     Wristbands are given at the gate and must be worn..
    Fri/Sat/Sun: $25 riders & adults

    Sat/Sun: $20 riders & adults 
    If you are leaving Saturday after the races and will not be returning. 
    You must leave within 2 hours after the last moto.
    We will cut off you wristband and give you a $10 refund.

    Sun: $10 riders & adults

    Sign Up fee per class:
    $30 per class
    Mini Extreme Class fees: $30 - 100% payback in dealer checks
    A&B Extreme Class fees: $30
    100% payback

    Saturday: 7am - 9am
    Sunday: 7am -  9am

    Saturday: 9am
    Sunday: 9am

    Racing Start times
    Saturday: 11am
    Sunday: 11am

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Moto Tees Adent's
Dunlop Motorcycle Tires