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Up Coming Events:
May 5/6

MX -LLQ (bikes only)
269-521-7800 race days
269-683-4418 week days

June 3rd
Open Ride



Current Track Conditions:


Photo taken 11am Thursday.
As you can see in photo track has been rolled and will be prime for Sat/Sun races.

Our Mission Statement:
You are our customers. We want you all to remember when you leave here that you had a good time.
It doesn't matter how big or how little, how fast or how slow, we care about you. If you did not enjoy yourself, we failed you. We will not survive if you go home unhappy. Let us know where we might do better. We know we cannot be perfect. Our goal is to always try our best to provide the best and safest racing facility for you. Please help us to do our best for you.

Drex & Jane - Lisa & Bobby - Brett & Austin